Getting Out of the Gate with Agile

By Kristine Shannon  July 26, 2011

With higher education institutions facing unparalleled economic and technological shifts, it is more important than ever to be able to react quickly and flexibly. Institutions are finding that adopting agile meets these requirements and allows for greater innovation.

Keeping momentum strong early in the adoption of agile builds a strong foundation for continued success.  Whether considering using agile for one team on a small pilot project or diving into agile for the entire portfolio for multiple teams, there seem to be common indicators specific to higher education that keep momentum going strong.  

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Bigger Bang for Your Buck in Next Generation Project Management

by Kristine Shannon   June 7, 2010

As agile methodologies gain momentum in the corporate world, we are seeing a growing trend in the higher education community as well.  Agile in any form, whether it be software development, project management or IT decision-making, produces results quickly and allows teams to work together closely.  With this in mind, institutions are finding agile to be a creative solution to meet the demands resulting from economic challenges. 

As institutions look to innovative solutions to address economic challenges, key benefits draw them to agile for development and implementation, project management and IT decision-making. 

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