ERP Services

ERP Services

Our success is measured by our customers’ level of satisfaction.  We follow a strategy of continuous improvement and always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

For a single department, multiple departments or your entire campus, K Shannon Associates is your partner in increasing efficiency in your business processes and getting the most from your investment in your ERP systems. 

Our consultants are the best in the higher education industry.  Our highly skilled consultants have proven success with practical experience at an institution and high recommendations from clients while consulting.

Whether your campus has encountered staff turnover, system upgrades or you are striving to gain the most from their investment in an ERP environment, our consultants can guide your teams through a custom designed process to improve your business processes.

Our Delivery Model

 We use an agile, iterative model to manage our projects.  In an initial planning session with our customer, we collaboratively define detailed “user stories” and specifications.  User stories define the detailed scope items in a story format following the template “As a <role>, I want to <action> for <benefit>”.    An example in this format is:  “As a financial aid director, I want to run reports independent from my staff so I do not have to pull them from their work.” 

In the initial planning session, we also work together with our customer to estimate each user story by days of work leading to an agreement of the scope and prioritization.  The number of scope items agreed upon will depend on the complexity of each scope item, the priority, and the amount of work that will be performed onsite and remote based on the defined budget. 

 Work will be defined at the start of the engagement with more details clarified for the initial highest priority work.  As the project progresses the details of the subsequent work will be defined in greater detail based on what we have collaboratively learned in the work completed up to that point.  This iterative model allows for greater flexibility in managing changes to the scope of the project allowing the team to always focus on delivering the highest business value throughout the duration of the engagement.